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4 Holiday SEO Tips to Boost Your Sales This Season

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Gurpreet Singh Dhindsa
Search Engine Optimisation

4 Holiday SEO Tips to Boost Your Sales This Season

Gurpreet Singh Dhindsa

The holiday season brings forth so many cheers and festivities. As for businesses, it can bring forth plenty of opportunities to boost revenue. From Black Friday to Boxing Day to New Year’s Sale and more, it’s been a continuous run of lowering prices and enticing customers into making a purchase.

However, sales aren’t the only aspect of your business affected by the end of the year. SEO and digital marketing can also benefit from this period of various occasions, and you can surely land your website on an interested customer’s search engine results page. Just be sure to have a reputable marketing service along the way who can help you play your card rights.

Continue reading this short outline of tips to get you started this December:

1) Update Your Keywords

The holiday brings forth special keyword opportunities, especially since people are starting to use more terms like “Christmas” and “presents” in their search bar. It would be wise to refresh your keyword research and reuse the ones relevant to your business.

A marketing service will be able to identify the ideal holiday keywords that will surely match your style. Be sure to incorporate these into deal pages, website content, your backlinks, and more to optimise your utilisation of these phrases during these following months.

2) Have Holiday-Specific Pages

When you’re linking to a specific holiday sale such as Cyber Monday, be sure to have relevant landing pages available. Dedicating a site page that contains all the Cyber Monday deals your store has to offer will make things easier for your customer to shop.

While you’re linking those pages in your content, consider pushing them through advertisements and social media posts as well. Increasing traffic on those pages will ensure a boost in your business SEO, which is simply the best Christmas present for your business to receive.

3) Include Holiday Messaging 

Any pages that aren’t specific to the festive season should be given a little bit of holiday cheer. Good messaging is often received well by internet users, so doing so will benefit your site’s overall ranking in the search results.

Update listings by checking the information before adding some greetings. The process of doing so can be rather time intensive as you have to skim through every local post related to your brand, but having a marketing service do the work for you can heed great results without hassle.

4) Revise and Advertise

Lastly, use the holidays to advertise and inadvertently improve SEO. If you’re able to market your deals and even slip in a few extra incentives for buyers, more people may visit the site and eventually convert into actually buying the products or ordering your services.

For example, changing up your newsletter to greet email subscribers and putting in a voucher for them to spend this holiday will likely pique a lot of people’s interest. Take advantage of that and coax them to get on your site now.


The holidays are a prime time to work twice as hard in order to seize all the opportunities that it brings. If you haven’t invested in your SEO and digital marketing efforts yet, know that it’s better late than never to get into the swing of things.

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