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5 Things to Consider When Improving Your Website - What to Know

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Gurpreet Singh Dhindsa
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5 Things to Consider When Improving Your Website - What to Know

Gurpreet Singh Dhindsa

Studies claim that in today’s world, you’re given less than 5 seconds to capture the attention and keep a potential customer on your website. This isn’t a very long time, so if your website design performs poorly in terms of navigation and load speeds, your potential customer will quickly lose interest, making you lose traffic or sales. So how do you keep users coming? The answer is rather simple, albeit tricky: improve your website performance. 

Most businesses will assume that this means the total reconstruction of the website. They quickly order for custom website design, UX designers, and IT experts. While this can indeed speed your website up and iron out any user experience issues, the process is simply too costly and time-consuming. For smaller businesses, this can be a struggle to deal with. 

Luckily, there are alternate solutions. Here is a list of tips to consider that can help improve your website performance, leaving your visitors fully engaged within a span of 5 seconds:

1. Keep your website simple and user-friendly

A website with confusing navigation will quickly lose visitors. If a user can’t find what they need after two clicks, they’ll leave the site and move on to a competitor’s site instead. To improve your website, it is vital that your navigation tools remain clear and simple. Your menu should never have six to seven items at most, as any more can be distracting. Too much content is simply overwhelming, so keep your website simple. 

2. Make your site flexible

Is your site responsive? To ensure your website’s success, prioritise its redesign to be responsive and adaptable, especially to mobile devices. Failing to do so means losing leads and sales. Research shows that an estimate of 40% of users end up going to a competitor’s website after experiencing poor mobile performances. Keep in mind that there are over 5 billion smartphone users all over the world, and most of them prefer using their smartphones for web search. As the business landscape dictates, adapting to change keeps your business relevant and secure!

3. Make it look engaging and interesting

Great content is key, but your website needs to look just as great. Most users respond well to visuals, so decorate your site with engaging photographs and illustrations. Experts note that incorporating visual imagery to lines of text is 50 times more likely to appear on top of search results than those without visuals. 

Adding videos can also help, as it helps prolong a user’s time on a certain page. According to research, internet users spend 2.6 times more on pages with videos over those without. With that in mind, consider investing and incorporating more videos on your site!

4. Visibility is key

Another tactic you can try is to ensure that your website is equipped with SEO services. Users trust search engines, such as Google, so gaining a presence in the top positions upon keyword search increases your website’s credibility by a margin. SEO is also cost-effective because you will be able to reap benefits quickly, one of them being an increase in website traffic. 

5. Engage with users

Social networks connect people all over the world and it’s quickly becoming the norm. In fact, over 2.4 billion users engage in Facebook, while Instagram reports having over 1 billion active users. To improve your website’s performance, leave social buttons for your visitors. The key here is engagement, so if they see something on your website they deem worth sharing, they'll repost it on their social accounts. This helps elevate your presence further, making it a foolproof way of generating and driving user traffic. 


Contrary to what many believe, a total website reconstruction isn’t always necessary. Plenty of times, a simple redesign and a decision to incorporate better content and visual imagery is enough to make users come flocking to your website. 

If you’re looking for a professional web design agency, get in touch with us to see how we can help. We are a London-based web design and digital marketing company that drives results. We focus on delivery and service, ensuring that your business always stands out! 

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