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6 Web Improvements You Can Make to Boost Sales

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Gurpreet Singh Dhindsa
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6 Web Improvements You Can Make to Boost Sales

Gurpreet Singh Dhindsa

Gone are the days where websites were once an afterthought for businesses. In a digitally-oriented, dog-eat-world environment, brands need more than just blue hyperlinks, tasteless blocks of text, and low-resolution images to stand out from the rest. 

The modernization of technologies like JavaScript, HTML5, and more have paved the way for the rise of the websites you know today: fast and sophisticated, growing awareness for the importance of purposeful design introduced strategies that utilize SEO, UX design, and more innovations in today's digital marketing funnel. 

How Web Design Creates a More Engaging User Experience Compared to the Heydays of Flash 

Businesses now know that web design can nurture the user experience by combining form and function. With more awareness of the importance of leaving a long-lasting positive impression to viewers, web pages have gone through virtual make-overs. 

By combining personalized design, minimalist yet mesmerizing graphics, high-resolution images, blended typography, and other factors promote a responsive and riveting web design. More than impressing visitors with good looks, effective web design is one of the biggest lead generation tools that can attract traffic and ramp up your revenue in the long run. 

With that in mind, the tried-and-true tips below are ways web design can help spike up your sales: 

Tip #1: Improve Your Landing Page 

A homepage describes the first thing visitors will see when visiting your website, which is why it is often the part that's given the most attention. However, landing pages can give you a competitive edge by leading interested customers to a dedicated offer, service, or product.

While homepages aim to grab attention, landing pages are designed to be results-oriented, encouraging visitors to click the call-to-action and become hot leads for your business. When designing persuasive landing pages, be sure to remove clutter to ensure users can make a purchasing decision as smoothly as possible. 

Tip #2: Optimize Your Page Loading Speeds 

Modern consumers gradually grew used to instant gratification thanks to the internet, and research shows that a whopping 40 percent of potential visitors will bounce off to a similar website if yours take beyond three seconds to load. 

Even with aesthetically pleasing web design, no amount of high-quality images or unique brand identity will convince them to explore your content if it's slow. Seeing as your online presence is only as successful as your website's performance, meeting the fast-paced demands of the market today plays a pivotal role in retaining user attention. 

Tip #3: Make Your Website Simple to Navigate 

Adding a dramatic flair to your site may seem impressive at first glance, but sacrificing your website's intuitiveness can mar the user experience significantly. For one, following a logical "hierarchy" for your website's layout should act as an invisible guide that makes navigating from one content to the next a seamless encounter. 

Tip #4: Don't Underestimate the Power of Color 

Color is one of the most influential tools in marketing that can impact a customer's mood, opinion, and purchase habits, especially when the hue is consistent with the brand's personality. The right color palette looks visually engaging, but it can also promote action, inspire reactions, and facilitate trustworthiness. 

Ript Apparel, for instance, found that changing their green call-to-action buttons to a bright, bold, yellow color has skyrocketed their conversion rate by up to 6.3 per cent. Meanwhile, the brand Performable's re-paint from green to red experienced a winning landslide with a 21 percent boost in conversions. 

While it's crucial to choose a color that suits your brand identity, be sure to analyze what impacts your target audience so you can choose a hue that will maximize the subtle art of persuasion behind your web design. 

Tip #5: Add Reviews and Trust Symbols to Your Website

Claiming to provide premium services or products is one thing, but there's nothing more reliable than seeing your business in your previous customers' eyes. Testimonials, reviews, and trust symbols are one of the few social proofs that can build the credibility of your brand and earn the market's trust, especially since it shows how your offers are unique yet relevant to the customers' lives. 

Incorporating a dedicated page to your "best-sellers," for instance, is another indistinct yet effective tactic that can incentivize customers into having a sense of security when browsing your products. 

Tip #6: Add Images or Videos to Key Conversion Images

Visual additions like animations, infographics, images, GIFS, and videos can do wonders in improving user engagement and enriching their experience when reading through your content. A picture says a thousand words, after all, so adding highly visual content to your top landing pages can inspire your desired action from your customers and boost conversions by 86 per cent. 

Not to mention, people tend to absorb information faster than text, so adding illustrations and videos to support your text can help you deliver your message more effectively. 

In Conclusion: How High-Quality Web Design Impacts Your Business' Bottom Line in More Ways Than One 

Online beauty is indeed in the eye of the mouse-holder, but the tips above should help you build on the key pillars behind an easy-to-navigate, compelling, and high-converting web design.

With only a small window of opportunity to grab modern consumers' attention in a saturated, digital landscape, your web design's look and feel can do wonders in catapulting your business ahead of the competition. 

After all, quality web design uses elements that enhance the user experience, all while solidifying your brand's core values, resulting in a website that can evoke the desired action from your curious customers. 

Hiring Professional Web Development and Web Design Services From Reputable Agencies 

Are you looking to attract more traffic to your website and boost your sales? Good web design doesn't just look good, and it should also enhance its sense of usability by incorporating functional design elements that create a seamless browsing experience. 

Before anything else, hiring the right full-service web agency plays a crucial role in making your vision come true. Speaking of which, we're a digital agency in London that offers web design services at Vaxaweb. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help improve your conversion rate.

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