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How Brand Copy and Design Work Hand in Hand

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How Brand Copy and Design Work Hand in Hand


Everyone in the business knows that a great copywriter could make a compelling tagline that could make a message stick or trigger emotions and actions to your benefit. In fact, even a simple illustration could also elicit the same reaction! However, not all businesses effectively use these two assets together. 

This article would look into how brand copy and design could work hand-in-hand to produce more excellent results for your brand:

Defining Brand Copy

Before discussing how the brand copy and design can work together, let us first define the word. Unlike what other people think, a brand copy is not the same as the brand messaging, marketing or advertising copy, content, or direct response copy. 

Brand copy is all about the unique value proposition you offer your consumers! It serves as the umbrella thought where writers get inspiration for the other copies that your business needs. 

Let us say you own a skincare product line specially designed for the environment and health-conscious people. Here are the slight differences among its marketing elements:

In this scenario, your audience is health and earth advocates looking for skincare products aligned with their advocacies. Your unique value proposition is that you provide them with quality products that are one hundred per cent vegan and cruelty-free. You are different from other brands with the same advocacy because all your products are customised, which means they are specially formulated for their skin needs. 

The brand copy communicates that unique proposition, and it is not precisely your:

  • Marketing and advertising copy, which tells people convincing facts about the products you sell.
  • Direct response copy, which is the type of message you send directly to your audience to engage with them. 
  • Content, or the long-form pieces that inform people about a particular brand topic. 

They may all be made up of seemingly similar words—but they have different forms and purposes. The brand copy acts as the centre for all these and dictates how the writer should approach the message they want to communicate. 

Imagine your brand speaking. The brand copy acts as its vocal coach, telling the writers how to express their personality and vital qualities to the audience!

How Brand Copy and Design Works Together

A great writer could make your brand copy appear as flawless and impactful as possible, but if you want to make a stronger impression, a design could bring additional magic to your work. 

Here’s how it can help:

Clearly Communicate Messages

A good copy can be enhanced further by adding an excellent visual element that describes the message better. At the same time, the copy should also complement the design. 

Makes Communication Easier

A brand copy should consistently deliver the following information: the benefits of the product you are selling, how your products could solve people’s problems, and the unique points that make you different from your competition. These are the three important elements to make your brand stand out and to effectively convince people to consider your brand. 

However, there is also a rule in advertising to keep sentences short and concise. You do not want to bore people with your long message, but you also want them to have a great impression and brand recall!

Here is where the design could come in and complement the copy. The two could work together to arrive at a simple message that is easy to understand yet has complete information. 

Balances Materials

When both the brand design and brand copy work together, they could eliminate these potential communication problems:

  • Too long copy versus design
  • Disconnected brand voice and illustrations
  • Misaligned goals 

When the two departments work well together and understand the brand they are communicating, they could create a strong image and copy to effectively translate the brand’s message to people and make them understand the idea better. 


All brands need a great writer and a great designer, but to create fantastic materials for your brand, they should work together in harmony to produce the materials that the brand could use. Both should work with the copy and design in mind to develop a creative and effective means of communicating the message. 

An experienced creative agency has already mastered how these elements should work together. If your brand needs help creating words and designs that work for your website, we can help! Vaxa Web is a full-service agency based in London that could provide you with web and logo design, as well as digital marketing services. Contact us so we can help you with your design and other marketing needs. 

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