User-generated content plays an integral role in your online success! Yes, sharing content for SEO is essential, and investing in content marketing will drive results, but that’s not enough. When it comes to gaining a competitive edge and ranking high on search results pages, you’re not the only one who has a say!

Word of Mouth: An Essential Marketing and SEO Tool

“What do you think?” 

It seems that consumers always need to learn about what other people think, no matter what the matter is. Reading about brands and products on review sites and counting how many stars or how many points over ten has become an inevitable and integral part of the purchasing process. 

Excellent copywriting and terrific visual design are still crucial in grabbing the attention of your target audience and piquing their interests. Still, those aren’t the sole factors that influence a consumer’s purchasing decision.

The Power of User-Generated Content

No one looks at an ad, reads the copy, and decides to buy right away. With the increasingly saturated market and the rising number of businesses vying for prospective customers’ attention, people have become more mindful and intelligent when deciding what to purchase.

User-generated content, particularly reviews, have a lot of influence on SEO. As more and more customers make more informed purchase decisions, it has become crucial now more than ever to ensure that the things your customers are saying about you are helping your business and not dragging it down!

How Reviews Affect Your SEO Ranking

Reviews aren’t just crucial to being able to sell—they are also essential in boosting your online visibility and ranking high on search results pages! 

In the digital age, word of mouth still matters, and Google thinks so as well! Word of mouth marketing may no longer involve oral communication, but even though it has been heavily digitized, search engines such as Google still factor in the quality and quantity of reviews to evaluate your web page's search position.

Since search engines strive to provide users with the correct data, service, and products in the fastest way possible, they look at crowd-sourced recommendations to weed out irrelevant information. 

A Critical Component to SEO Performance

Online reviews have become a significant parameter to determine the rank of a business. It seems that the value of reviews will only continue to become more important as more and more customers base their purchase decisions on what other people have to say online.

When crafting possible tactics and strategies with an SEO agency, online reviews must never be left out of the conversation. Web design and content writing services are essential, but those aren’t just what your target audience and search results pay attention to.

Besides listening to what your business has to say about itself, you also have to evaluate your customers’ shopping experiences, opinions, and advice. With a sufficient amount of reviews, you can increase your business’s chances of thriving and surviving in the digital space for the years to come!


Never underestimate the impact and importance of online reviews to SEO! It’s crucial now more than ever to ensure that your online reviews reflect the product and service you provide. As such, you have to invest in excellent SEO services in West London so that you can create an enigmatic brand identity that drives sales and customers!

Do you want to achieve online success through SEO strategies? Then, leave the job to our skilled team at Vaxaweb! Our West London digital agency specialises in working closely with clients to build and deliver comprehensive strategic design, development and marketing plans. Book a meeting today!

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