How Small Businesses Can Create a Logo for Brand Awareness?

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Gurpreet Singh Dhindsa

How Small Businesses Can Create a Logo for Brand Awareness?

Gurpreet Singh Dhindsa

It's much easier to build a business from the ground up today compared to earlier generations. The accessibility of various avenues for brand visibility and business platforms, such as digital marketing and online retailing sites, benefit any aspiring entrepreneur.

However, just because something is simple to start, doesn't mean it's easy to maintain. This is the reason why there's a considerable difference in number between aspiring entrepreneurs and startups. Even the jump from a small to medium enterprise (SME) is an even more challenging task.

What makes the difference between these different categories of businesses is the creation of an effective branding strategy. To reach that mountain of success and innovation, the development of your company's logo is a small stepping stone.

The importance of a powerful logo

A logo is a set of recognisable and distinct symbols that identify an organization's purpose and identity. The composition of visual elements should be well-made enough to elicit a positive response or action from potential customers. For this reason, many small business owners opt to outsource full-fledged creatives teams to create a custom logo design for their companies.

A compelling logo is the structural building block that holds together your entire branding strategy. This is why you should invest a lot of time developing it and improving it with the right specialists to help you. Depending on how well you create your logo, it can launch your business to achieve greater heights not just in sales, but also in digital developments.

In this article, we will share three tips on how you can create a logo that boosts brand awareness.

1. Choose the right symbol

Your brand identity encompasses the entire vision and appeal of what you can offer your customers as a business owner. One famous example of a logo's impact is the development of Starbucks Coffee Siren. Although the name Starbucks came from Moby Dick, the siren took centre stage as its noticeable brand identity. Today, it's one of the most recognisable brands for coffee culture.

Choose an image that can symbolically represent your brand. Symbols can range from actions, objects, animals, mythical figures, and even statements.

2. Make it adaptable for mobile platforms

Where does an effective logo go beyond ad banners and store signs? It goes directly to digital spaces. The accessibility of network connection through mobile devices is a technological shift that makes people even more connected to online spaces. Consumption of digital media is at an all-time high since anyone anywhere can engage with a brand through websites and well-developed apps.

Today's marketplace is dependent on the usage of online platforms for a company's growth. As a business owner, you need to incorporate your logo on the different mediums that you can use to improve your brand visibility. This ranges from social media profiles, business websites, ad placements, and various content formats.

3. Revise and improve your logo when necessary

Logo design for small businesses should be open to adapt and improve to reflect the company’s vision and service. Digital branding is all about your effective usage of impactful images that can affect your potential customer to recall and trust your service. Sometimes, your goals when you started your business no longer match your aspirations now that you have more experience. As a relatively young and small business, you shouldn't limit yourself when updating your branding to fit your current market.


A business's investment in their logo will lead to the different ways they can bring to life their vision from visual motif to practice. The interactivity of websites and mobile apps makes it easier for companies to execute marketing strategies and interact with their customer base. This quality of engagement is one of the essential pillars that can encourage a company's road towards success.

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