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How to Measure and Monitor Brand Perception

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Gurpreet Singh Dhindsa
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How to Measure and Monitor Brand Perception

Gurpreet Singh Dhindsa

There’s only so much a business can do to achieve success. Although investing in SEO services, producing clever advertising campaigns, and creating appealing digital assets play key roles in the growth and expansion of a company, that’s not all you need to achieve your marketing and sales goals.

You see, you, your digital marketing agency, and your employees aren’t the only ones who have a say in what or how your organisation evolves into. For business and industry leaders, it’s crucial to keep in mind that your customers also contribute to an organisation’s success—or failure. 

In fact, your customers may even hold more influence on the fate of your business than you do!

On Customers and Brand Perception

Everything you do related to your business is founded on brand relationships, whether it involves result-driven SEO or responsive web design. 

It all boils down to the customer experience—ensuring that your customers can easily navigate your website or access the information they need dictates your company’s success. By providing your customers with a positive experience, they may share their opinion on your brand to peers who trust them, cultivating your brand perception. 

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say most of your business relies on your brand perception. With a wide selection of options at your customer’s disposal, they could easily switch to your competitor’s product or service if they no longer perceive your brand in a good way.

Gaining Control of Your Brand Perception

Monitoring and measuring your brand perception and developing strategies based on those results are vital to building brand equity!

You may not have much control over how your customers view your brand, but by measuring your brand perception and improving on areas you lack, you can influence their opinion of your brand to impact your reputation and sales positively.

Although monitoring and measuring brand perceptions seems almost impossible because of the ever-expanding online communities within the dense digital world, it is possible! Just read below to find out the most efficient ways of measuring brand perception:

Organise Brand Focus Groups and Forums

To get a grasp of how your customers feel and develop an understanding of what works, we recommend getting small groups together and letting them share their opinions, as well as positives and negatives. 

This method sounds a bit outdated, but it still works today! Through forums, you’ll be able to fill in the knowledge gap and ultimately strengthen your brand.

Conduct Brand Perception Surveys

Surveys are a simple way to help you understand who your customers are and what they think of your brand. Giving targeted questions and using open text allows customers to share detailed opinions, whether good or bad. Make sure to run brand perception surveys at least quarterly or tie them in with advertising campaign frequencies.

Track Mentions and Reactions on Social Media

Social media platforms are pools of information; scanning your social media interactions and comments about your brand online will give you a sense of what your prospective customers read about before making a purchase. When you know what’s being said about you online, you’ll be able to respond the right way and grow your social presence.


You can’t control what customers will write about your brand, whether they’ll compare experiences with their circle or what kind of judgement they’ll make about you. However, there is one thing you can do, which is reacting swiftly to feedback and targeted messaging. 

Brand perception is measurable and malleable. By measuring your brand perception and acting on the data collected, your customers will view your brand in a way that benefits you!

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