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Organic Shares or SEO Rankings: Is One more Important than the Other?

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Gurpreet Singh Dhindsa
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Organic Shares or SEO Rankings: Is One more Important than the Other?

Gurpreet Singh Dhindsa

It has never been a secret that having fully optimised and high-quality content can help you rank higher on search engines. The best practices of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) recognise the importance of two metrics: organic shares and SEO rankings. In this article, we will talk about how both of these can affect the success of digital marketing endeavours. 

What are Organic Shares and SEO Rankings? 

Organic shares measure how many social media platforms and websites have shared content from your site and how frequently. Whether or not these shares are the product of collaboration or truly organic makes no matter.

Rankings look at how certain keywords perform on search engines. Ideally, those keywords should be on the first page; the higher and closer to the top of the first page they get, the better. In addition to that, these keywords must have a link to your business and—if possible—your business alone.

Shares vs Ranks: Is One More Important?

The short answer is no. If anything, they are not even the most significant metrics to pay attention to in a business. Having plenty of shares or high rankings doesn’t directly mean that your content is converting customers. 

Similarities of Organic Shares and SEO Rankings

Both play similar roles with the same goal in mind: to raise visibility and brand awareness. These metrics don’t directly pinpoint whether or not your business is making money. You can have good stats in both areas, but it doesn’t mean that you’re selling. That is why these are often referred to as “vanity metrics.”

Do they Still Matter? 

Absolutely! Just because these metrics don’t exactly determine whether or not you’re making sales doesn’t mean that they don’t play a role in conversion. 

Websites that are just starting out shouldn’t expect SEO services to give them sales right away. Off the bat, when being oriented about the power of SEO, agencies often sell themselves as a long-term investment, which means results are not instant. 

How SEO Rankings are Important?

One of the first challenges of getting websites to start generating sales is making the website more easily accessible to people who are interested in the industry that may, later on, be looking to invest in it.  That is where practices of raising the SEO rankings come in. The more keywords a site ranks for that increases a website’s visibility, making them easier to find for people searching those terms.

The Role Organic Shares Play

The other challenge is making a mark on the online social scene. Your website needs to build a reputation as a trusted source of the subject that people can associate with your business. Organic shares boost your brand awareness, which gets your business closer to becoming a household name.

The higher your rankings are, the more likely you are to be shared. At the same time, the more organic shares you get, the faster you rise in the rankings. Both work together in harmony to get your website and brand the recognition it needs to make direct sales.


While these two metrics are considered “vanity metrics,” that doesn’t make them any less important. Marketing is a popularity contest at its essence. Do not downplay the importance of having frequent organic shares or higher search engine rankings. Brand awareness is the first step before making any actual conversion. Once you get a good footing on your social and SEO metrics, you can take things to the next level from there.

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