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Redesigning Websites - Using Consumer Behaviour as a Guide

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Gurpreet Singh Dhindsa
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Redesigning Websites - Using Consumer Behaviour as a Guide

Gurpreet Singh Dhindsa

Many businesses today are shifting to online platforms to meet the rising demands of modern consumers. Going digital by using apps, social media platforms, and websites are necessary for a business to make sure that they’re staying connected with their target demographic.

In developing a website, a web developer needs to understand who and what the site is for. Having a clear understanding of who their customers are will allow business owners to communicate the right design and UI choices when partnering with a design agency.

Understanding consumer behaviour

A consumer’s behaviour is affected by a wide variety of factors, such as a referral of a friend or a product’s packaging. The layout of brick and mortar shops and the specific ad placements in different high traffic areas in local communities are some of the many ways that businesses influence consumers to prefer their brand. This act of influencing consumers is also true when it comes to browsing online content.

In this article, we will share three different factors that can affect your customer’s online viewing behaviour:

1. Cultural Preferences

Culture plays a significant role in a consumer’s online browsing behaviour, and each generation has had a particular trend in using online mediums. Much older people have experienced using forms and message boards while the younger generation is more attracted to compact layouts that are fit for mobile devices. Knowing the uniqueness of each generation can help you home in on the target demographic of your website by applying website layouts that are more intuitive for their usage.

2. Social Hierarchy

Depending on their social class, they may be more attached to a particular social media platform. Whether it’s the group of friends they hang out with or the type of digital platforms that their office uses, they’ll be more exposed to different online platforms depending on the people they surround themselves with.

In designing your site’s backlinking, you need to make sure that it connects to the platforms that your target audience is more likely to use. Although almost everyone uses an email, not all people have accounted for social media platforms. Target these platforms by creating business pages through these platforms so that you can make it easier to generate traffic to and from your website.

3. Personal Profile

By categorising an ideal person in terms of their age, gender, economic status, occupation, and likes and interest, marketers can craft a ‘test subject’ to analyse their ads’ effectiveness. These factors are what will help you form a buyer’s persona in testing your website. A buyer’s persona is a concept of an ideal customer that digital marketers create when planning their ad campaigns. It’s made by listing down the specifics of the type of person who’s the target of the marketing campaigns.

In designing your website, you should also consider mapping out a ‘buyer persona’ when making adjustments to your site’s layout. Consider if your design options are appropriate for the age group or social class that you’re servicing. You can use the buyer persona as a template of your ideal site viewer, which will help you in developing and adjusting your site’s features.


Digital marketing is an effective way to get the necessary data in assessing what a business’ customers are like. By using targeted marketing campaigns, you’ll be able to identify what type of people your customers are. Using this information, your web developers can create and update your website to match your customer’s profile.

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