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The Benefits of Performing an SEO Audit - What to Know

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Gurpreet Singh Dhindsa
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The Benefits of Performing an SEO Audit - What to Know

Gurpreet Singh Dhindsa

SEO is a terrain challenging to navigate. You may feel like you’re doing well, but upon checking Google Analytics, you find your website performance on organic traffic is down. The number of leads on your digital marketing efforts and website are not moving either. You know that SEO can help you improve your ranking and presence, but which tactics will work best for you?

Before plunging into the depths of local SEO, it’s important to first complete an SEO audit. This means evaluating your website’s search engine friendliness, as it’s crucial in identifying what your requirements may be. Remember that every website is different, but an SEO audit provides you with a tailored view of how Google sees your platform. 

Still in need of convincing? Here are some key benefits an SEO audit can bring to your website:

It can help improve your site’s overall performance

Google’s algorithms favour a healthy website. A site’s performance plays a key role in rankings, so performing an SEO audit will help you identify any issues your website may have. Problems usually arise in terms of site-maps and speed factors, and an SEO audit will help you identify which areas need improvement. Any threat to security will also be identified, which helps you prepare for any cyberthreats. 

Keep in mind, however, that some issues can take more time to fix than others. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t see improvement after making changes. In many cases, Google takes weeks before recognising changes. For the best results, however, conduct an SEO audit regularly. 

It identifies keywords that bring in traffic and convert leads

Ranking well for keywords is the main goal. If they aren’t generating enough or the right sort of traffic, the ranking will be pointless. If you found that you’ve ranked well for keywords, but it’s generating little to no traffic, it could mean that the terminology has a low search volume. This is where an SEO comes handy, as it helps you understand terms and variations better. You’ll be able to discover which keywords your customers are using, helping you create better optimisation strategies and content.

It discovers the competition’s SEO efforts

You may be dealing with an annoying competitor that always seems to get ahead of you in search engine rankings, no matter the effort on your end! If you’d like to know more about the keywords they’re ranking for, you’re in luck—through the SEO audit, you’ll get an in-depth look at the terms they’re using. You’ll be able to analyse your competitors, helping you glean any relevant information you can incorporate into your own SEO strategy.


SEO may be difficult to handle in the beginning, but an SEO audit makes things easier. It keeps careful track of everything you do, especially all the strategies and campaigns you’re implementing. While the results of SEO strategies take a long time to become apparent, staying on top of everything remains crucial to success. 

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