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The Top E-Commerce Website Design Trends of 2020

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Gurpreet Singh Dhindsa
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The Top E-Commerce Website Design Trends of 2020

Gurpreet Singh Dhindsa

E-commerce is a very difficult field to traverse. Starting out as a small enterprise entails a ton of logistics and planning, as well as a proper problem-solving infrastructure. This is not a project that you can leave unattended for periods of time because when it comes to shopping and selling products, there always has to be steady management. Not only does managing the business has to be consistent and always on the ready, but a well-designed e-commerce website needs to complement it to get people to buy. 

When it comes to modern-day online businesses and the marketplace, the competition is so insane that it is difficult to even get a foothold in the scene. When it comes to the digital world, it is all about the ability to adapt to the ever-changing trends of technology and design. This article will discuss the cutting-edge web design trends that are sure to penetrate the 2020 e-commerce market:

Minimalist Designs

The modern trend of minimalism is something that is seen in almost every aspect of today. You can see architectural evolutions of houses that have less and less distracting features, and even your technology trying to push for sleek designs that are easy on the eyes. The best part about minimalism is that they push for peak performance and functionality over excessive style. When you leave only the important aspects of your brand on the domain, it makes the site easier to navigate and it is less likely that customers will get lost.

Dark Mode Themes

Investing in web design that has beautiful renditions of your brand’s designs in both a light and dark mode is something that customers look for in a site. White-based backgrounds are often quite burning to the eyes, especially when viewing at night. Some customers who shop at night will find it uncomfortable to stick around your site for long times if the theme of your site is a bright colour or in different tones of white. Having a dark mode for those who prefer it is a good way to make the shopping experience tailor-fitted to multiple shoppers on the market.

Accessibility Options

Technology has developed to become inclusive, as it encompasses all ideologies, ethnicities, breaks boundaries, and ultimately caters to the needs of humanity. When people see that your company places importance on people with disabilities and creates a comfortable website for all to use, there are chances that your popularity will increase. 

3D Graphic Design Immersion

There are now tools that allow integration of 3-dimensional visuals in website design. This piques people’s interests more than a static one, as people love seeing moving visuals and interactive designs. This is an easy way to get better retention of customers, but do keep in mind that overdoing it can be quite irritating. 

Work The Website Around Your Content

Some e-commerce websites often forget to work their website design around the content they have. In order for buyers to discover new products, they need to see the content around the website. Content can be a mix of photos, videos, and text writeups. When content is found to be interesting and the website is streamlined to allow easy purchasing, this makes it easier to convert leads into buyers. 


Be aware that e-commerce design and techniques often shift around annually, so be on the lookout for new trends and web-ergonomics that have changed over time. The evolving world of digital marketing can often be difficult to traverse, but there are fortunately multiple companies that are well-versed in the language of it. 

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