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What Makes Content Great? A Guide for Small Businesses

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Gurpreet Singh Dhindsa
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What Makes Content Great? A Guide for Small Businesses

Gurpreet Singh Dhindsa

For a small business to thrive in a saturated market, you’ll need to have great content to keep your audience interested in your products and services.

As trends and consumer behaviour evolve, what exactly constitutes great content continues to change—and it’s important for your business to be in tune with your audience.

Fortunately, producing compelling and relevant content can be done by constantly adapting your content creation strategies to something that truly resonates with your customers.

All you need is some research coupled with a steady stream of creativity. Here are a few things to keep in mind when producing great content for your small business:

It’s Not Just Blogs 

Most companies produce blogs that are rife with informative content and photos to match. However, if you really want to step up your game, think beyond the written word.

There are plenty of content types to explore, and your audience may be preferring a certain platform you haven’t touched on yet. 

For example, videos and live streams are a fantastic way to captivate your audience and encourage them to engage with you. It also allows them to connect with you and your company, making you feel more personable as they can now put a face to your business.

Videos are also a quick way to look for more information instead of poring over paragraphs to look for the specific content your customers may be looking for. 

If you’d like more insight into what your customers would like to see a video, analyse your own video-watching habits.

Ask yourself what kind of content feels the most attention-grabbing and informative. Chances are your audience feels the same way.

Additionally, you can also ask them for feedback on what they’d like to see—they’re often more than willing to provide some insight. 

It Answers Questions

The function of your small business is to answer the question of your customers. If you’re a professional cleaning service, then you’ll want to answer your customer’s questions of whether it’s possible to remove the stain on their carpet and whom they can reach to have it cleaned.

The same goes for your content—your customers enter a query into a search engine in order to find the product or service they’re looking for, and you’ll want to make sure that your content provides a clear and direct answer. 

In order to make informative content that answers your customer’s questions, you can make use of search engine optimisation (SEO) tools like SEMrush.

These will offer insight into the keywords your audience is using to look for information related to your product or service. Through these keywords, you’ll be able to discern what they’re likely to ask or the kind of information they’re trying to collect.

When creating your content, you can factor in questions related to these keywords or even use long-tail keywords to write a piece replete with information that fully answers all your customers’ questions.

Weaving some or all of these questions into the headings and text will have search engines rank your content much higher, allowing you to reach more people while providing them with the answers they’ve been looking for. 

It’s Unique 

Another important part of creating great content is making sure it’s unique and original. In fact, Google themselves have said that they won’t index content just because it exists—it has to be value-adding, useful, high-quality, and original. 

While this can be challenging, especially for topics that have plenty of companies contributing to its wealth of information, think about what sets you apart from your competitors. This will be valuable in making sure your content is unique and substantial, especially to your audience. 

Your unique content doesn’t have to be earth-shattering to make an impact—consider new angles or perspectives that haven’t been offered by your competitors, or find innovative ways customers can use your products or services. Additionally, providing information that other competitors haven’t offered yet is a great way to give your small business a competitive edge. 

There are other ways you can make your content stand out. By writing it in a tone that really shows the personality of your business, you’ll be making content that sounds original. This can be risky, especially since it may backfire because of customer reception, but when it works, it really pays off. For example, a transportation company that accommodates the working-class citizens of an Asian country uses extremely casual and witty copy in their content that borders on irreverent, but it’s launched them to the forefront of their industry. Their brand is now a household name.  

It’s User-Generated

Great content doesn’t just come from your brand—it also comes from powerful figures that have used your services and are happy to promote it to their followers. Promoting your brand through influencers and well-known personalities is a great way to market your business because it feels less on-the-nose than direct advertising from your company. 

These individuals market your product or service as a personal testimonial to their followers like they’re personally recommending it to a friend. Influencers and famous personalities are known for establishing a consistent and robust connection with their followers, which makes them feel connected to each other—providing a sense of trust and credibility. With this kind of relationship, people who see such support and endorsement of your company are likely to engage with you.

The great part about this aspect of content is that you don’t have to worry about creating the content itself, as this will be generated by the individuals you partner with. User-generated content provides authenticity towards the audience, so determine the exact audience you’re trying to reach through the partnership and what kind of content they like to consume. With the help of an influencer or brand ambassador, you’ll be creating compelling content without crafting it yourself—but the results are sure to boost your small business!

It’s Relevant 

Consistency is key to creating great content, but it’s also important to create content that’s substantial and relevant to your audience. Each piece of content you come out with must have its own intent along with a plan to achieve a specific goal. Otherwise, you’ll be producing content that’s redundant and repetitive—and you’ll have a harder time ranking higher on search engines!

When you brainstorm ideas for more content to produce, think about the intention of each post. Make sure that it correlates with the kind of content your audience connects to the most. Before you start writing or planning, think about the specific goal for the post you have in mind. Whether it’s getting the most clicks, the longest views, or racking up the most engagement, having your intention or goal in place is important, as this is what you’ll be circling back to when you feel stuck.

Your headline must also be strong and attention-grabbing. This is what ultimately determines whether or not they’ll click on the post and engage with your content. If the headline is dull, vague, or generic, you probably won’t get that click; however, if it’s witty, compelling, and leaves readers feeling like they’ll be missing out on interesting information, they’re definitely more likely to click. 


Gripping, consistent, and creative content is key to engaging your audience, creating more relationships with them, and driving more traffic to your website. There are a variety of ways to create content, but making sure it’s high-quality and outstanding will be done by keeping these tips in mind. 

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